About Us

Environmentally Conscious Product

Delicious Nimbus was founded by Doug MacDonald and John Melwak in 2018. Our mission statement is to make the best organic products naturally possible, and a conscious minded packing safe for the environment for future generations. The industry standard is to make products as cheap as possible, and turn a larger profit for themselves. Fly-by-night companies have taken this motto and produced unsafe, and untested products to the market. We do not believe in this practice. We only use Organic, Natural Flavors, Non-GMO sourced USA made products that have been lab tested. Dangerous chemicals are readily available and are used in our industry, and dangerous products are available for your consumption. We as a company, and as consumers we don’t agree with this practice. We know what we want to purchase a safe product to enjoy.     

Each one of our flavors has gone through a rigorous recipe process with our certified mixologist. Lab tested results not to contain any Diacetyl, Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl. We don’t believe these are safe for human consumption, and we as a company wouldn’t ingest it so why should you have to. Taste is subject to the individual, but we believe our products taste and speak for themselves. Our products do not contain GMO’s and are Sourced Organic. All our e juice is pre-steeped. Our juice is made in small craft 1 gallon / 3785.41ml batches. The juice is steeped for 2 to 8 weeks before bottling. During the steeping process our e juice is allowed to breath to speed up the oxidation process naturally without added chemicals. Time allows the liquid to steep naturally and we do not include heated baths or any other chemical additives. Using natural ingredients including flavoring gives our juice a different tint than what is widely available in the market.

Our planet is our responsibility. Our products are not garbage so why treat it that way. We only use PET Plastic and Glass packaging. We use minimal packing for an environmentally conscious product. No unnecessary paper packing included. Environmentally Eco-friendly commercial cleaning products are replaced instead or harsh chemicals unsafe for the planet. Our practice is to produce the safest readily available products in the market. We routinely evaluate our products and the cleaning products we use to make sure the consumer is as safe as possible.   

PET is globally recognized as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable.