Mega Bundle

Mega Bundle

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This Mega Bundle includes all of our juices! You get 15ml of each flavor below! Just choose your nic! 

Bomb Pop
This cool refreshing e-juice will make you think its the 4th of July! Vaping this juice is ice cold as you get a rush of fresh fruit flavors such as cherry, blue raspberry and lemon lime. It's just like that red, white and blue Popsicle we all love in the summertime.

Maraschino Cherry
We have perfected the cherry vape. Simple, sweet...and doesn't taste like cough syrup! Our Maraschino Cherry vape does just that. Kept simple, enjoy this crisp fresh cherry by itself, or add it to another flavor and create something totally unique.

Classic Tobacco
Tobacco + any vape = The Perfect Match. This familiar, authentic taste of full-bodied tobacco has made Classic Tobacco our most popular flavor yet.  Rich and flavorful this Classic Tobacco is perfect for an all day vape!

Blueberry Cotton Candy
This will remind you of the long summer days spent at the fair. Sweet, sugary tasty cotton candy dissolving in your mouth. But wait whats that other flavor i taste! Oh yes its blueberry!  Life at the fair is full of excitement and fun, and you can bring a bit of that feeling home with our Blueberry Cotton Candy vapor juice.

Crisp Apple
Our Crisp Apple tastes just like fresh picked apples from the tree.  This amazing e-juice is sweet, crisp, and as sour as a fresh green apple! All the other apple vape juices are just green with envy.

Crunch Munch
Our Crunch Much tastes just like your favorite cereal! This e-juice is bursting out of the bottle (not literally) with sweet and crunchy corn and oat puff flavor. Totally the same thing if you think about it.

Who You gonna call? Yes that's right, this Ectoplasma e-juice tastes just like your favorite green ghost drink! Bursting with hints of citrus notes yet not too sweet that it makes it great for everyday vaping.

Glazed Donut
Freshly baked donuts just dipped in a sugary glaze! The glazed donut e-juice is perfect for all you desert lovers. Hot n ready Fluffy, sticky and gooey this is by far the best donut vape juice you will taste!

Milk & Honey
Imagine a vaping experience that’s lighter than air.  Cotton fields transform into fluffy marshmallows…the sky breaks open and rains down sweet milk while friendly bees carry hints of honey to your mouth.  Then you wake up and realize you found the land of milk and honey.

Morning Buns
Our Morning Buns e-juice is a fan favorite. You're going to love the taste of fresh baked cinnamon rolls with sweet icing on top! Right out of the oven glazed and direct to you! 

Salted Caramel
If you love a good caramel candy, this e-juice will have you salivating. The thick, rich flavor of a creamy caramel topping practically overwhelms your taste buds. With hints of salt this Salted Caramel e-juice is a sweet delight without the stickiness or calories of an actual caramel candy. This e-juice is a true guilty pleasure for any fan of sweet caramel treats. Salted Caramel e-juice is the perfect post meal e-juice for the creamy, sweet flavor of a caramel dessert that won't put on the pounds.

Strawberry Blast
Strawberries are one of the world’s most popular fruit flavor treats. Delicious Nimbus Fresh Strawberry Blast E-Juice captures the true, fresh picked delightful essence of juicy strawberries.

Our Strawberry Blast is a must for anyone who enjoys the delightfully sweet flavor sensation of fresh strawberries. 

 Our Base juice is 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Our nic salt juice is 70/30 VG/PG ratio. 

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